Economic Benefits

A plan for long-term productive capacity and true sustainability

The development of the dairy industry has been based on an assumption that everyone wants the largest quantity for the lowest price. Increasingly, consumers are proving that assumption wrong. They recognize that cheap abundance has detrimental hidden costs and are seeking to invest food dollars in regenerative systems that reflect their values.

  • Quality nutrition  and artisan varieties
  • Humanely raised livestock
  • Environmental restoration and resource protection
  • Quality of life and fair prices for farmers
  • Sustainable rural development

A triple-bottom-line (profit, planet, people) initiative that recognizes that value, the impact, and the community are inextricably linked, the New Dairy Concept can be the basis for regional and specialty consumer markets as well as emerging environmental services markets.

The Power of One

ONE beginning dairy farmer who has been trained to successfully manage a grazing dairy operation can make significant impact over a 30-year career.

After completing his Apprenticeship in managed grazing dairy production, John transitioned into ownership of a 200-cow farm that is scaled to support a family and hire a full-time employee. He knows first hand the value of appropriate training and may develop multiple Apprentices as dairy managers and entrepreneurs.

Now imagine….

A Dairy Grazing Development Campus strategically set up to train and develop BEGINNING FARMERS in regenerative dairy production—with central management, shared resources, optimal efficiency, and pooled high quality product to supply local, regional, and emerging markets: a model can be replicated throughout the nation.

This is the future of opportunity in dairy.