The Model

Dairy Grazing Development Campus

A business incubator and training complex that consists of 15-20 farms in a 20-mile radius combines the efficiencies of large conventional systems with a business structure built upon managed grazing farms that have the potential to be independently owned. Strategic implementation of this model will lead to a reduced environmental footprint, rural business development, and renewed dairy markets.

Dairy Grazing Apprenticeship, a comprehensive work-based training program, is integrated from the outset, providing consistent employee training, management protocol, and opportunities for advancement. Apprentices come through the program prepared to move into management positions and potential farm ownership within the campus or at a new location. This is the model for sustained and sustainable growth.

Training and Production


Train skilled labor and managers through formal Apprenticeship


Share management protocol and administrative resources


Identify and develop local, regional, and emerging markets


Comply with current and anticipated regulations


Partner with industry and research entities for ongoing innovation


Optimize supply chain logistics, efficiencies, and profitability