Environmental Benefits

Our planet is facing interconnected and potentially catastrophic changes to the natural environment.

Human population growth over the past 50 years, along with the need for food and energy, are driving unprecedented habitat destruction, pollution, and climate change. To save nature and ourselves, new regenerative approaches to sustaining humanity in ways that also benefit ecosystems and vulnerable species must be implemented on a broad scale.

Managed grazing dairy systems work with nature and its biological processes to restore and protect soil, water, and biodiversity resources.

The New Dairy Concept has the potential to impact large amounts acreage, including areas of special concern. Because these are new farms with early career managers, the environmental benefits will accumulate and extend over decades.

Managed Grazing Dairy Systems

Soil + Water Restoration

  • Prevents erosion and builds healthy soils
  • Reduces phosphorous run-off
  • Protects quality of ground and surface water

Wildlife + Pollinator Habitat

  • Supports diverse ecosystems
  • Protects riparian areas
  • Provides wildlife corridors

Climate Change Mitigation

  • Integrates flood control (permanent sods, ponds, wetlands)
  • Sequesters carbon and reduces fossil fuel use
  • Provides adaptable resilient system

Human Health

  • Reduces air and water pollution
  • Improves quality of nutrition
  • Increases local involvement and access